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The Edit Menu provides general editing, e.g. cut and paste functions.  The focus of the edits is the Key Frame unless otherwise stated.  Cut and Paste functions are similar to those in most common applications.

Undo  (Ctrl-Z) Undo reverses your last action performed on a Key frame, such as moving it in the timeline or deleting it. There are 32 levels of Undo.

Redo (Ctrl-Y) Redo reverses the action of the last performed Undo.

Cut (Ctrl-X) Cut copies the selected Key frame to the internal “clipboard” and then removes then Deletes the selected Key Frame.

Copy (Ctrl-C) Copy copies the selected Key Frame to the internal “clipboard”.

Paste (Ctrl-V) Paste places the last Key frame copied to the position of the Timeline Cursor

Delete (Del) Delete removes the selected Key Frame. 

Delete Picture Delete Picture deletes the picture and all Key Frames associated with it. The picture to be deleted is selected by moving the Timeline Cursor anywhere within the active range of the picture on the Timeline.  This function cannot be undone.  A dialog box appears and asks, “Are you sure?”  Selecting “Yes” will remove the picture and associated Key Frames, “No”  will exit the dialog with no action taken.

Uniform Speed Uniform Speed recalculates the position of the Key Frames so that the speed of the movement of the Camera Window is uniform in the Key Frames. The Key frames are moved to provide uniform motion between them.  This operation cannot be undone

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