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Examples and Tutorial

Here are a set of progressive usage examples in the form of  tutorials that will address most if not all of the things you need to learn to get productive quickly with the ImageMatics StillMotion Creator™.  Files associated with the tutorial examples can be downloaded by clicking on the download icon.  You will get a self-extracting exe file that will move the files used in the examples onto a directory on your machine.

Click here to download a printable Tutorial Manual as a Word Document.

Following the examples and then experimenting with the program will get you into creative mode in no-time.  Each example builds on the knowledge of the previous examples. 

The examples are all linked by keywords to the Screen Functions and Menu Functions creating a powerful interactive tutorial environment.

Example 1 Demonstrates making a basic movie in four quick steps.  This provides the common background for making all StillMotion movies.

Example 2 Shows how to make a StillMotion movie that will loop continuously, restarting at the beginning.  The example also demonstrates how Cut and Paste is used.

Example 3 Shows how to create Holds, which freeze the motion in a movie (Hold it) for a desired time period.

Example 4 Shows how to create image rotations

Example 5 Shows how to add multiple images to a movie

Example 6 Shows how to create fades between movie segments and how to fade to black or any other background.

Click here to proceed to Example 1

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