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Once I saw what the program did though, a host of applications leapt to mind. - And there's a definite, eye-catching "cool factor" when you see the output.

Imagemat!cs, Bringing Your Images to Life
Slide Show Animation and Sharing Software for Digital Photographers, Designers and Videographers


ImageMatics is a leading multimedia and imaging software tool provider. Our creative tools are for the beginner through the expert professional. Our easy to use tools provide for the creation of compelling multimedia for slide shows, web, authoring, video and any application where you want to create hi impact content from still images and show and share it through any media.

All our products produce Flash (SWF) and their native output format and provide optional video for those who wish to create DVDs, streaming media or video applications.

SWF File made with StillMotion Creator Images Courtesy Point of View Studios


Creating DVDs with PE+

Creating Infomercials: Tutorial and User Story

Mars Panorama and Virtual Tour

Digital Photography Tutorials

Working with other Flash Applications

Creating 3D Perspective Animations

Creating Virtual Tours

Making an online commercial with sound!

How to Make Six Advanced Transition Effects

Panoramic Imaging Made Easy

How to Add SWF to Power Point

What the Reviewers are saying!


Personal Edition
Personal Edition


Product Description

Introducing ImageMatics StillMotion PE and PE+

PE stands for Personal Edition, it is easy to use slide show and and share multimedia presentation creation software, and much more. It is for anyone and everyone who wants to quickly and easily create an interesting animated story story from their digital images.

PE+ is an extended version of PE that also lets you create video for making DVDs, SVD and other applications. That is the only difference between them.

With PE and PE+ a you can create:

  • Slide Show on your PC
  • Web page
  • Flash (SWF) file
  • Auto play CD
  • Auto run .exe
  • Screen saver
  • Video for DVD and VCD with PE+

Features include:

  • Multi-tracked synchronized sound
  • Transitions and effects
  • Pan and Zoom
  • Titles and text
  • Visual interface
  • ..and much more

Our PE+ product adds video output to create DVD and VCDs.

Web Designer
Web Designer


Product Description

ImageMatics StillMotion WD and WD+

WD stands for Web Designer, it is an easy to use multimedia authoring tool containing all of the PE product plus powerful menu, web a publishing features.

With WD and WD+ (WD with the addition of video publishing) you can create:

  • Navigation menus
  • Animated image buttons
  • Galleries of images linked to each other and web
  • Multimedia training and tutorials
  • Multi-title CD ROM
  • CD linked to WEB
  • Linked movies with web actions
  • Interactive multimedia

Features include:

  • Complete PE presentation builder
  • Menu builder
  • VCR controls
  • Adaptive preloader
  • Slide and Show actions
  • Linked content publisher

The WD+ version adds video output for DVDs, VCVD and other applications.

Still Motion Creator
StillMotion Creator


Product Description

ImageMatics StillMotion Creator (SMC)

ImageMatics StillMotion Creator is a professional pan and zoom animation tool that provides the complete Ken Berns effect set. ISMC was American Photographers #1 Editors Choice for 2004.

SMC emulates all the functionality of a camera animation stand. With it you can add interest by using pans, zooms and tilts to keep the story moving.

With SMC products you can create SWF and video output.

Here is what you can create with SMC products:

  • Virtual tour segments
  • Still image animation for commercials, news, documentary, weddings and events, real estate and architecture, product marketing and much more.

Features include:

  • 32-bit full color sub-pixel rendering for smooth motion
  • Fast, high-quality output imagery
  • Full 3D Camera motion for spins and skews
  • Moves on curved or straight paths
  • Complete control of ease-ins and outs
  • 16:9 aspect support for HDTV applications
  • Automatic video-safe color adjustment
  • Automatic picture re scaling
  • Timeline scrubbing
  • Works in Flash, PAL, NTSC and HD
  • Full cut-and-paste of Key Frames

Please explore our web site, view the demonstrations, and galleries, look over our tutorials and instruction. We are always ready to answer your questions.

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