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Advanced Effects Example 1

Creating Transitions  In this example we are showing transitions created using pan and zoom manipulations.

Rotate in and out The first transition combines a spin with a zoom out.  We zoomed out approximately five times the width of the image so it appeared to shrink to one fifth its size.

The rotation is one and one half turns in and then out.  That's 540 degrees.

The transition is a half second on each side for the effect.

The easiest way to do this is to right click on the Camera Window, and manually set the width and rotation values. You can then cut and paste the keys to get consistent effects.

Zoom in and Out The second transition uses the same zoom factor and timing as the first.  the difference is that no angle is specified for rotation.  The result is a new effect!

Push We next used the built in fade transition to get to the next image.  Here we cheated to get the push effect.  This image consists of a two pictures.  The second picture being the first in the movie.  We simply pan across the image in a half second for the effect.  Since the SWF file is looping we get the effect of a continuous transition set. 

Below is combined image used in the "push" transition. Any Image editor will let you paste two images together.

You can also paste the images vertically for push Ups and Downs and Push Right or Left.  Four new effects from the same idea.



Rotate, Zoom and Push transitions  

Combined images to create the Push effect

[Advance Effects 2 - Push Effects Details]




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