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Advanced Effects Example 2

Creating Transitions  In this example we are showing transitions created using pan and zoom manipulations.

Push Transitions  Creating Push transitions is very simple. To do it you need to create a collage of images as shown below.

In this Example we combine pan and zoom effects with the transitions.

Here are the tricks to doing this well and quickly.

  1. Scale all the images to the same size

  2. Set the Camera Window Aspect Ration (under Options - Set -Viewer Aspect Ration) to Image (the Aspect of the individual image)

  3. Set the Camera Window size to the size of the image.  To do this exactly, right click on the Camera Window and set the Width value to the Width of the Image.  As long as the aspect ration is set to Image the fit will be exact.

  4. Use the Camera Window navigation keys to move the camera window across the image.

  • CTL +  →  Right  justifies the Camera Window

  • CTL + ↓ Bottom justifies the Camera Window

  • CTL + ←  Left justifies the Camera Window

  • CTL + ↑ Top justifies the Camera Window

Try the these controls out they are huge timesavers and give accurate repeatable results.





Push Right, Down, Left, and up  

Combined images to create the Push effect

[Advanced Effects 1 Zoom and Rotate Transitions]




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