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Image Smoothing and Antialiasing

In this example we show the use and effects of the Pre Picture function in reducing unwanted moiré (aliasing) effects caused by scaling sharp edges in a Movie.  The example given uses a very simple movie of a zoom in on the man's sweater.  The sweater and his jacket are highly textured and have lots of edge detail.  It is these types of "edge" features in an image that contribute to the moiré effect.

Step 1  The image file of the couple is loaded and a "wide view" is selected.  See Example 1 for details on this operation.

Step 2 A movie segment is created by zooming in on the mans sweater.

Step 3 An SWF file is created by selecting Make Flash SWF File. Movie in Figure 3 is now created. Pre-Blur is not enabled in the SWF in figure 4

Step 4 From the Edit Menu select Prep Picture.  The Pre-Blur indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen as shown in Figure 2.

Step 5 As in Step 3 create a new SWF file.  Figure 4 shows movie created with Pre-Blur enabled.  Note the lack of moiré in the SWF file in figure 4.  Not every movie requires using Pre-Blur.  The best way to determine if Pre-Blur is required is to make the Movie with Pre-Blur disabled.  If it looks good to you...your done.  If you have undesirable moiré effects than turn on the Pre-Blur function.

Figure 1 First KeyFrame

Figure 2 End of motion segment Note Pre-Blur is indicated at bottom of screen shot

Figure 3 No Pre-Blur note the moiré  patterns in the jacket

Figure 4 Pre-Blur Enabled Note lack of moiré




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