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Example 4 How to Rotate Images (Continued)

Step 4 We now use Cut and Paste to create a continuous mirrored" loop of the image rotating to the right and then returning.


The last KeyFrame Marker is copied to the 16 second point in the Timeline,  This creates a motion segment of the same length as the first so the image swings back and forth in equal time periods.


Using the downloaded example code insert a two second Hold after the completion of the first rotation.  Remember you will have to move the last KeyFrame Marker two seconds further down the Timeline to keep the movie segments at equal lengths.




Step 5 Create the Flash Movie as in Example 1 by Selecting the Make Flash SWF Movie entry under the File Menu.  See Example 1 Step 4 for details.  Figure 5 is the result.

Step 6 Here we have edited the movie to by deleting the last KeyFrame which was pasted in in Step 4 above.  We selected the end KeyFrame by moving the mouse cursor over it and clicking.  Next we moved the cursor into the Camera Window and right clicked to bring up the Set KeyFrame Options Window.  The rotation angle was then set to 720 to (two full rotations).


Inserting a negative angle will cause the image to rotate in the opposite direction.  Try it.

Step 7 Create the SWF file as in Step 5 above.  We have after all this created a spinning head! Another example of technology out of control.


Note that the head starts off spinning slowly, speeds up and then slows down.  This is because the Slow-In Slow-Out option is selected under options.  Make the same SWF file with different Slow options and observe the differences.

Exercise Now put it all together and create a movie that spins the head three full turns, pauses for two seconds and spins the head back the other way and repeats.  You will be a better person if you try it.:

Example 5 Working With Multiple Images


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