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Example 6 Continued - Fades to Black and Fading-in

We will continue the discussion of fades and transitions by showing how fade to black or a fade in from black or white can be accomplished.  To do this we must use a clever trick.  We create a small file that is all black and one that is all white.  We have named these (cleverly) in the Example 6 download as black.jpg and white.jpg.  We will create a simple movie that fades-in from white and then fade-outs to black.  This will leave a black box on the screen so we will then show a fade out to white.

Any background can be matched by creating a file to fade to that is the target (or vice versa).

Step 4 The File White.jpg is loaded in the timeline.  Camera Window is moved to the center of the white image.  As long as all the white is covered the position is not important.  We then created a hold so nothing happens in the segment (see Example 3 on how to create holds)

Next we loaded Couple.jpg and created a simple zoom-n over the couple's faces. We then loaded the black file, Black.jpg and added a hold.  Figure 4 shows what the screen looked like after the operations where completed.






Step 5 Then expand the transition times on the Timeline as we showed in Step 3 of this example.

Figure 5 shows the screen with the Timeline Cursor located over the beginning of the black image.


The black image is very small.  It could actually be a lot smaller but would be hard to show.  Since the file size of this image gets added in to the SWF file we want it as small as possible.  The limiting size is how small the Camera Window can be made. Can get it down to 2 pixels in width.  A file 10 pixels x 10 pixels is a good practical size for your fade-to files.
The Viewer shows all black.  This is because we are looking at an all black file


Figure 6 Fade from white and fade to black

Step 6 Create the Flash Movie as in Example 1 by Selecting the Make Flash SWF Movie entry under the File Menu.  See Example 1 Step 4 for details.  Figure 6 is the result.

In the next step we will replace the black file at the en with a white one creating a fade-in fade-out


Try creating a cross-fade through black in which two image segments fade to black and then fade from black.  A cool effect



Figure 7 Fade from white and fade to white

Step 7 Create the Flash Movie as in Example 1 by Selecting the Make Flash SWF Movie entry under the File Menu.  See Example 1 Step 4 for details.  Figure 7 is the result.

Here we created the fade in and fade out.



Example 7 Smoothing Images and Antialiasing



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